COPULA x feyfey worldwide

Collection is the second Collaboration COPULA had with feyfey worldwide. This Capsule Collection focuses on feyfey’s personal experience of being an Asian woman growing up overseas.

Taking Up Space is about a repel against the pressure that society places on what women should wear. Contemporary women are expected to dress in the “proper” clothes for different occasions: dress to be elegant, be sexy, be tender, and also dress to be wise, be virtuous, be skilled, be professional, and equally capable to men. “I used to be one of the women who always dress up for occasions, but I’m tired of this. Dressing in ‘proper’ or ‘serious’ clothes makes people nicer to me. But I feel smaller. I want to take up space, robbing more space from others, being rude to what used to make me small. I want it to be my presence. Fuck the elegant, proper, beautiful clothes. I want to make silly but statement clothes for women. I am serious about being unserious.”